“Sacred Disruptions”

Sometimes, when I am sitting with our youth group during Sunday morning service, I have to encourage them to put away their cell phones, or to stop whispering or giggling amongst themselves. Once I even had to stop a high school aged student from playing Candy Crush…with the sound on! Let’s face it: their behavior is somewhat understandable. Lots of sermons are boring.

But it shouldn’t be that way.

In an article with Relevant magazine that was published recently, Rob Bell stated, “The sermon is an art form that needs to be reclaimed…[it] has been hijacked in our culture…But the sermon is about the sacred disruption.” Bell says that sermons should not be used as “belief affirmation” devices, or be focused on inspiring giving for a new building plan.

Sermons are not inspirational speeches. Rather, they should be about”sacred disruptions“.

Lately, have been wondering what he meant.

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